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The Speak Easy is a place for entrepreneurs to create, collaborate, and learn.

Located in Broad Ripple, IN, we opened our doors in February 2012 as the first collaborative workspace serving entrepreneurs in the Central Indiana community. Our founders believed in providing a place for education, conversation and manufactured serendipity. We’ve stayed true to these roots, with a mission to cultivate the healthiest entrepreneurial ecosystem, anywhere.

We believe entrepreneurship isn’t limited to a single mold; it’s how an individual interacts with their work and drives change through their product. Our members come from a range of industries representing established business with entrepreneurial roots, and new and innovative startups, alike.

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  • Tom Hanley



    I’m a 28 year old social entrepreneur with a vision to change not only the fitness goals of Central Indiana youth, but how our generation approaches philanthropic giving and engagement. When I launched Nine13sports 4 years ago, I had no idea what the future would hold but I’m incredibly excited for the journey it has taken me on and the relationships I’ve been able to build as a result.

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?Speak Easy is my central office, my support network, a place where I work side by side with some of the most brilliant minds in Indianapolis and have a beer with them after a long day. It's my home.
  • Brittany Mason

    Third Street


    Attention Agent / Art Director at Third Street.

    • How has membership at the Speak Easy impacted you?It's connected me with so many bright minds in the Indianapolis community. Big believer in "you are who you surround yourself with" and I'd be honored for that to come true for me around the Speak Easy crew.
    • Why should people who don’t use the Speak Easy still regularly donate to it?It's a self feeding circle: Support cool stuff happening in Indianapolis (like The Speak Easy), and more cool stuff will continue to happen for the city - and we all want to be a part of a cool city.
  • Abby Fox

    Indy Made


    • TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSIndy Made is a comprehensive platform to measure and map all of the startup activity in Indianapolis and Central Indiana.
    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?We use the Speak Easy as a resource to reach out the startup community in Indianapolis.
  • Ken Erwin

    DevOps Library


    Hi Everyone! I was previously a DevOps lead engineer. I decided to see if I could make it on my own by starting a consulting and training company.

    • TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSDevOps Library provides training, automation, and continuous deployment for companies by implementing DevOps tools and culture.
    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?The Speak Easy is basically my place to chill out with my Laptop and focus on my business.
  • Erin Lang

    Benga International


    I’m a right-brained millennial with a serious case of wanderlust. I’m fascinated by culture and human potential. My favorite book is The Little Prince. My favorite language is Arabic. I’m obsessed with maps and children’s literature. I come to life when I teach.

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?Since I travel to different schools and program sites, I consider the Speak Easy as my home base.
  • David Ranalli

    Magician & Corporate Entertainer


    As an entertainer, I thrive off of meeting new people and sharing what I can with like minded people. My line of work tends to have me all over the place, so it feels good to be a part of an environment of other independent individuals.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?Having a community to turn to and a great place to get work done.
  • Jeb Banner



    Hey! I moved to Indy in 1998 to play music with some friends and found myself starting businesses including my main squeeze SmallBox which I co-founded in 2006. Around 2010/11 I got together with a handful of other folks running agencies or involved with the start up scene in some way and we decided to collaborate on a communal space. This turned into the Speak Easy which launched in early 2012. I am now the current board chair.

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?To hold company offsites, the get away from the office, to have meetings, to party.
  • Jami Marsh

    Lemonade Day Indianapolis


    I run Lemonade Day Indianapolis which teaches kids how to start, own and operate their own business: a lemonade stand!

    • How has membership at the Speak Easy impacted you?Since I have no formal office, the Speak Easy has really filled a gap for me.
    • How would you describe the Speak Easy to someone who had never visited?The first thing I say is that the actual physical space is amazing - rustic and urban at the same time, warm and open. I also describe it as being very laid back, casual which I appreciate and a great place to run into someone unexpected!
  • Brittany Young



    I have the awesome privilege of running marketing for InnovateMap, and also working directly with our clients on product marketing initiatives. I love to collaborate with the team and have a passion for staying on top of modern marketing trends and simplifying complex ideas into a structure and presentation that is easy to consume.

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?We work, collaborate, meet with clients, and have fun at the Speak Easy!
  • Barry Wormser

    Wormser Legal


    I’m a lawyer, helping companies in all stages of their corporate life: from entity formation, to raising capital, addressing contractual needs, and ultimately, to an exit. I love what I do. I also love to travel.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?Undoubtedly, it is our ability to regularly interact with clients in a comfortable and unique setting. We end up being better connected to their ideas, their vision, and we are in a better position to help our clients avoid risks and make sound business and legal decisions.
  • Tim Taylor

    Tim Taylor


    Hello. Tim here. Pleased to meet you all.

    • TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSI direct real-people based films, commercials and corporate videos. You can follow my profile series at
    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership? need a place to think. And occasionally speak to others.
  • Ryan Hunley

    Second Street Creative


    I’m Ryan, I like to make things.

    • TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSSecond Street Creative is a full service creative collective specializing in art direction, branding and web development.
    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?Many ways, creative collaboration, escape from the grind, home base.
  • Tony Unfried

    Archon Apps / ArchonSafe / Archon Education


    I am the founder of a couple mobile app/software companies.

    • How would you describe the Speak Easy to someone who had never visited?A co-working space for all types of entrepreneur spirits.
    • Why should people who don’t use the Speak Easy still regularly donate to it?Everyone should donate to a cause and building up local entrepreneurs is a great cause. As a self sustaining entity, the Speak Easy needs anyone's help.
  • Ryan Hickey



    I have lived in Indy since 2002. In addition to producing the ORANJE and Tanjerine events, I DJ in bars, clubs and special events around the city.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?I love having access to the cool space and seeing everyone working on their own projects. Having never had a space of our own (other than for a few weeks at at time leading up to our events) it feels great to have a place where we belong and can share with other creators.
  • Melissa Heeke

    Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA)


    My passion is connecting people with resources (people, technology, organizations) to make the road a little easier to travel. Working in association management let’s me make a career of it!

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?The energy at the Speak Easy is a great blend of creativity and professionalism.
  • Martha Hoover

    Patachou Inc


    My name is Martha Hoover and I am the founder of Patachou Inc., a restaurant company, and the Acting Director of The Patachou Foundation. Enjoy building a business that is radically different and radically better with goal of being an industry benchmark for excellence.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?Great opportunity for me to leave corporate office in order to have private time to think about issues/solutions.
  • Summer Keown

    Earth Day Indiana


    Hi everyone. I joined the Speak Easy in early 2014 and I love working here. It helps keep me motivated!

    • TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSWe organize the annual Earth Day Indiana Festival each April, highlighting sustainability and environmental protection.
    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?I work at the Speak Easy several days at work, and meet with clients and partners occasionally.
  • Mike Reynolds


    We love to brainstorm Product ideas.

    • How would you describe the Speak Easy to someone who had never visited?The Speak Easy is like a giant interactive coffee house or student union for startup businesses. It gets young companies and their leaders out of their garage and exposed to like people and companies which allows them to grow and help each other.
    • Why should people who don’t use the Speak Easy still regularly donate to it?The Speak Easy fosters startup, small business and individual professional success. This is essential to the economic health of Indy.
  • Rachel Rubenstein



    I am the Marketing Director for ORANJE and Tanjerine. I love bathroom wall graffiti, photography, writing, everything Indy and meeting new people that have cool ideas.

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?I use it to get work done since my house is ruled by a Doberman and a Boxer that believe everything is about them.
  • Kendrea Williams



    My name is Kendrea Williams and I love alllllll things empowering. I am currently Executive Director of Dreamapolis and Organizer of PitchFeast, a bi-monthly community event that is held at the SpeakEasy.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?It is a space that is open and available to entrepreneurs of all levels. Its decision to be inclusive, tells me that the organization is serious about being a true resource for all entrepreneurs in this City, and I absolutely respect that.
  • Max Yoder


    Grateful every day that I got cut from the basketball team two years in a row. I work at @TheFirstFund and @Lessonlyapp, and I write songs.

    • TELL US ABOUT YOUR makes easy-to-use training software that helps growing teams stay on the same page.
    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?Meetings, refreshers.
  • Simon Andrews



    After bouncing around from being an in-house and an agency marketing guy, I started Hatchet, a strategic marketing firm.

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?For an alternative to the office. Collaborate with like minded entrepreneurs.
    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?The network of people.
  • Anna Shults

    ACE Preparatory Academy Charter School

    Few things make me happier than admitting I’m a teacher.

    • TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSACE Prep is a proposed charter school for K-5 students set to open in August of 2016 and located in the 46220 zip code.
    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?I am excited to establish a local office within the community that our school will serve. I envision using the space productively - be it just me getting work done, hosting meetings, gathering our board, and collaborating with others.
  • Graham Brown

    United State of Indiana


    Hi, my name’s Graham. I own a company called United State of Indiana, which sells locally-made apparel, art and accessories. I enjoy brashly defending local living and work with other artists and entrepreneurs around the state in an effort to make Indiana a nationally-recognized haven for creative professional who choose collaboration over competition.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?I've been able to meet and become friends with designers like Ryan Hunley, Amy McAdams and Britney Mason, whose work I admire immensely. It's always helpful to have people close by who inspire you to turn out better work and keep working harder.
  • Miles Sterrett



    Build websites, apps, communities, music, and occasionally my beard.

    • How do you believe the existence and accessibility of the Speak Easy has affected Indianapolis?It has made connections that otherwise wouldn't have been made. It has acted as a focal point for many different communities, and even a focal point for those disparate communities to come together as one, as well.
  • Courtney Patterson

    The Intellectual Stock Exchange

    I am an Aquarius and I see life in bright colors and music. I have an abstract mind and I love to create and inspire others. My vision is to develop a community spirit that fosters openness and a willing to help and pay it forward.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?So far, my favorite part is the open space and the culture. Although I don't know everyone's personal vision, I know I am in the room with other dreamers. So that is inspiring within itself.
  • Jason Cooper



    My name is Jason. I work for Redwall. We do branding, marketing, and web development. We’re pretty good. I used to work in film, and then I worked in beer. Now I have a toddler so I don’t have time for much more than work and her.

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?I try to work at least a day a week there just for a change of pace. It's a great place to get work done and meet other like minded people. Either directly or indirectly, the Speak Easy has helped us gain clients and new team members.
  • Addison Ray

    Keep Indy Indie


    My name is Addison Ray and I am 26 years old. I grew up in Indy and graduated from Indiana University in December of 2012. After living in Austin, TX for a little while I moved back to Indianapolis and started ‘Keep Indy Indie’, a social media-based blog highlighting independent business and art in and around the city. I am also the Marketing Manager at Indy Hostel.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?Meeting new creatives, having an affordable work/meeting space, feeling like I am part of the local community
  • Amy McAdams-Gonzales

    Amy McAdams Design


    Hey. I’m Amy. I’m a little bit country and a little bit rock n’ roll. Amy McAdams Design is a boutique graphic design studio providing smart clients with beautiful, big-agency-quality design at a fraction of the price.

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?As a way to meet new and interesting people, collaborate and make good things.
  • Tammy Cooper

    Girl Get It Together LLC

    My name is Tammy and my passion is to empower others to find their greatness and LIVE their passion. I am a speaker, educator and life coach! I love caramel vanilla cappuccino, event planning, reading and traveling. “Remember to embrace your storm; it is only temporary!”

    • TELL US ABOUT YOUR BUSINESSGirl Get It Together is an empowerment workshop series designed to empower, educate and transform the lives of women and teens.
  • Joel Weyrauch

    BAR Communications


    I graduated from Butler in 2012 with a degree in political science and international studies and I recently resettled in Indianapolis after traveling as a consultant for the last two and a half years.

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?I like working around other people, and being part of a three-person firm doesn't normally provide that kind of opportunity.
  • Evan Burns

    The Odyssey // Olympia Media Group


    CEO of The Odyssey

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?It's a great place to meet with my team and members of the community outside the office, I also love the location in Broad Ripple.
    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?It's a great asset to the community to bring together like minded people who are interested in building their own future in the context of community.
  • Molly Butters

    Broad Ripple Group


    I am a writer by training and a technologist by interest. I returned to Indianapolis in 2009 following six years in Silicon Valley. My passion is helping clients find the most effective way to describe complex ideas and technologies. I love the Indianapolis technology and entrepreneurial community for it’s accessibility to new-comers (and returnees).

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?:I enjoy having a flexible and accessible environment to work and host meetings that isn't a coffee shop.
  • Polina Osherov



    Fashion photographer, social entrepreneur, typeface snob, sushi lover, mom, wife and adopted Hoosier that really likes to cuss.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?Running into people I really respect and like every time I visit. The feeling of camaraderie and energy. Of cool things happening in members' lives and businesses.
  • Alyssa Pfennig



    I love supporting all things local, cooking up delicioso meals, biking around town and traveling the world, spoiling my doggie…and of course practicing yoga.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?t excites me to be surrounded by others like myself...who have their hands in a multitude of projects and are always inspired, thinking and growing. This is where I belong.
  • Dan Wagoner

    Rivet Merch


    I’m one of the principals and the creative director at Rivet Merch. Fueled by coffee and inspired by amazing music I live with intention + passion + creativity in the great city of Indianapolis.

    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?The Speak Easy is a space to meet like-minded people, to dream, to create, and most importantly, a space for our team to produce great work. When you talk about the startup scene in this city, the Speak Easy has become a synonymous part of those discussions.
  • Lawrence McGlown



    I help businesses listen to their customers, communicate clearly, and execute as promised.

    • How do you use your Speak Easy membership?We use the Speak Easy to dream and execute our vision -- make work life more enjoyable.
    • What is your favorite part about being a member of the Speak Easy?The atmosphere compels my mind to think in the free zone (wouldn't it be great ...)
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  • Do I have to be a (programmer, developer, coder, designer, etc.) to be a member?

    Our members represent a range of skills, experiences, backgrounds and interests, and we would love to learn more about you.

  • How do I know if I’m a good fit for the Speak Easy?

    The Speak Easy is a community for creative, driven, entrepreneurial-minded folks. Check out our membership page to meet some of our current members and to learn how to apply.

  • Can I just show up whenever I want to check out the space?

    We love that you’re excited to see the Speak Easy, however, we ask that you let us know before you visit. Remember, the Speak Easy is a working environment for its members. By letting us know you’re on your way, we can make sure someone is looking out for your arrival.

  • I’m interested in joining the Speak Easy as a member. How do I apply?

    Wonderful! You can apply to be a member on the member’s tab. You should hear back from us within a few days. If you want to check on the status of your application, email