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Mayor Gives State Of The City Address at Developer Town/Speak Easy

Published Apr 19, 2012

 The Speak Easy is a nonprofit membership based organization where techies can bounce their ideas around.

"I think we've done a good job with Twitter and Facebook and sites like that of creating digital spaces, but you also need physical spaces for people to congregate and collaborate and be in the same room together," said Co-Founder Jeb Banner.

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Inc Magazine Moose Lodge For Start Ups

Published Mar 21, 2012

Slingshot co-founder Aaron Aders guest blogs in Inc about the Speak Easy

Located in the South Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis, Speak Easy is a clubhouse primarily focused on serving entrepreneurs and start-ups rather than catering to freelancers and work-at-home employees like many other co-working spaces.

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Indy Star: Moose Lodge for Geeks

Published Feb 21, 2012

For years they've been meeting up in coffee shops and pubs, tech geeks have.

They hover over their laptops (those super-thin Apples, if they're anyone at all), wearing Chuck Taylors and marveling at what's now possible technologically and talking about "coding" and "going live" and "digital DSL" and this and that, and on and on. They're forming business plans.

As of Feb. 1 they have a clubhouse -- "a Moose Lodge for geeks," said club chairman Kristian Andersen, whose day job is president of Kristian Andersen + Associates, a digital branding consultant. Except that's not quite right: A Moose Lodge is for recreation, and the new geek club, which is called the Speak Easy, is for business, for collaborating, for networking, for hatching start-ups.

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Nuvo Slideshow Of Speak Easy Opening Night

Published Jan 20, 2012

 A few hundred people gathered Wednesday night at the launch party for The Speak Easy, a new coworking space/"clubhouse"/non-profit for Indy's startups, entrepreneurs and investors.

View the full article for great pictures from the event.

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Verge review of Speakeasy Opening

Published Jan 18, 2012

 The Speak Easy is Indianapolis's first co-working space exclusive to startups. It offers a common area, conference room, library and gaming center, and a massive opportunity to connect and collaborate with others in the startup community. And did I mention they have free beer?

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